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Designing the Craft Butcher

Posted by ID Solutions on 21 July 2019
Butchery is a craft. Being a butcher is a proud and time-honoured tradition practised by highly skilled, and knowledgeable artisans.
Peter Augustus is a boutique retail butchery concept in Brisbane's New Farm .
The Peter Augustus retail concept provides a distinct and memorable retail experience for its customers. The breakdown of the traditional butcher retail model allows a much more engaging and intimate service encounter between the customer and expert butcher.
Peter Augustus looks like no other butcher.  Upon entering, the first impression is that this has more in common with a high-end jewellery store than a butcher.  Display cabinets proudly showcase aged rib sirloin and elaborately marbled wagyu beef cuts in front of backlit salt walls.  There is no familiar riot of colourful hand-drawn retail tickets but instead understated pricing labels. Peter Augustus is unashamedly pitching to the quality end of the market, but pricing is comparably well within the range of most premium butcher offerings.
The traditional service counter is gone and replaced instead with wall and a central island display cases. The butcher's working area is on display through floor to ceiling glass. When not trimming, carving or slicing the butchers assist customers in making selections by their sides from the cabinets.
The ID Solutions radical re-imagining of the humble butcher has resulted in robust and sustained sales since opening. This indicates that its customers not only like the peerless meat quality and selection but have developed a taste for the unique customer experience that unfolds when they purchase it.
The ID Solutions team work creatively to deliver memorable customer experiences - Retail Design , branding and graphics.
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