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Posted by ID Solutions on 14 September 2018

The Art of Designing a Craft Butcher

Butchery is a craft. Butchery is a time-honoured skill practised by highly knowledgeable artisans. Creating a craft butchery that challenges design conventions and excites the public with something new and different is something else entirely it is an art.

Most retail butchers are designed to display and sell their meats quickly with a minimum of involvement from the butcher. This eliminates most opportunities for customers to engage with the product and butcher's expertise.

Challenging the established model

Peter Augustus, a boutique retail butchery concept in Brisbane's New Farm has a different vision. Not satisfied with just building another 'premium butcher' ID Solutions have turned the whole butchery retail service model inside out.

Peter Augustus looks like no other butcher. The first impression one has of this store is that this butcher might have more in common with high-end jewellery. Display cabinets proudly showcase aged rib sirloin, and elaborately marbled wagyu beef cuts are positioned against backlit salt walls.

The traditional service counter is gone and replaced instead with wall and a central island display case. The butcher's working area is on display through floor to ceiling glass. Butchers consult customers on the floor and help make selections from the cabinets.

Bold Design Creates a New, Brand Experience

The Peter Augustus retail concept by Gordon Simmonds from ID Solutions provides a distinct and memorable branded experience for its customers. The breakdown of the established butcher retail model allows a much more engaging and intimate service between customers and expert butchers.

The promise that Peter Augustus has created is providing consistently excellent product along with a service interaction more like a consultation than simple 'counter service'.

If butchery is a craft, then Peter Augustus Craft butcher store in New Farm is a work of art.

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