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Retail Store Design That Leaves a Great Impression

Posted by ID Solutions on 24 May 2019
Retail Store Design That Leaves a Great Impression

When it comes to retail, restaurant, beauty salon or any commercial adventure for that matter first impressions count. You only one chance to make the impression one that will WOW.
Let's face it competition is steep, no matter what retail or customer service business you are in, so a great first impression is critical in attracting new customers. 

There are literally multiple choices when someone is looking to buy a product, find a new hairdresser, experience a gastronomical delight or find that special gift for that special occasion.  So, how do you get a competitive edge here? You have to grab people's attention, stand out and deliver a great experience from the very first encounter.

Your storefront should provide you with the opportunity to attract and entice people to stop, look, engage and do business with you. If conversly, your shop or restaurant front looks old and tired, is poorly designed, and fails to give passers by an enticing 'preview', of what to expect, then they'll keep walking.

Here is just a few Ideas for you to consider to ensure the design of your shop front is attracting and not leaking customers for you.

Visibility is key.

For any retail fitout, one of the most important aspects of design is standing out and being visible.
Well positioned lighting, uniquely branded graphic displays, well-lit  signs, active screen displays in your storefront, are just a few critical factors for success in getting people to stop engage and be attracted to your products and service offerings. 

Neon look LED signs are a great way to distinguish your storefront immediately as are vibrant active large screen displays about your business.
Don't overwhelm them.

As shoppers approach your store or restaurant you want them to be able to see very clearly what offers, specials or 'looks' you are offering. Unfortunately too often these days a retail design is not well thought out and can be overwhelming. You need to be laser focused and not have the proverbial '12 desperation signs' that say "sale on now" or "last chance". Have a targeted, laser focused yet subtle approach in your retail design. Attracting customers is all about them feeling like they are special and being invited in. Warm and friendly!

Consistency is the be all and end all

One of the more important aspects of any good retail design is consistency particularly if you have more than one location.
You need to ensure that when people comes across your business in another location they can clearly identify it as your unique brand.
This definitely speeds up their buying decision, particularly if their experience has been great in the past.

If you have specials, sales or are featuring a new season product line or item on your menu, make sure this is represented identically across sites. And make your that your signage is identical.  

Create a welcoming space.

When a potential customer views your retail sapce you don't want them to be bombarded by racks or shelves of products.
Create an open, welcoming space that allows them to take in the best of what you have to offer and be immersed in your brand.

This allows people to naturally transition from your storefront to the inside of your business. This encourages their purchasing journey to naturally flow inwards, not outwards
First impressions last a lifetime, whether it is meeting a new friend or an interaction with a new brand for the first time. The importance of retail design can't be underestimated when it comes to attracting new customers. Follow these tips to ensure that your space is designed and optimised to attract as many new customers as possible.

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